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Regional development problems have been seizing the attention of the scientific and professional public worldwide for many decades. The world economy's modern conditions make these problems even more topical, and their forms are increasingly challenging for scientific research.

One of the few institutions from this part of Europe that has for decades been monitoring and pointing out the problems and multidimensionality of regional development is the Faculty of Economics of the University of Niš, which traditionally organizes conferences dedicated to precisely this issue.


The 29th "Regional Development and Demographic Flows of Southeastern European Countries" conference will be held on June 28th, 2024, at the Faculty of Economics of the University of Niš.

This prestigious event gathers many scientists and experts from the country and abroad. Moreover, the number of participants at this conference, from an ever-growing number of countries, is increasing yearly.


  • Reinforcing sustainable regional development: various aspects
  • Demographic flows and migrations under the new global circumstances
  • Other aspects of regional development and demographic flows
  • UR-DATA project session Smart Urban Governance: interdisciplinary insights, with publishing opportunity, Springer edited book

June 28



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About Conference

1. The paper should have no more than three authors. The paper should be 6-10 pages in length and include text (Introduction, Main text, Conclusion), illustrations, tables, references and other.

2. The instructions for technical preparation and formatting of the paper are given as a separate document - Template (engl) , Template (srb).

3. Only the reviewed papers will be published in the thematic proceedings. Papers not done according to the attached manual or not delivered to the specified deadline will not be printed in the thematic proceedings.

4. The papers prepared in accordance with the instructions and with all the necessary elements should be sent to the address: rr2024@eknfak.ni.ac.rs

5. Deadline for submission of papers is 05 May 2024.

Information about reviews and paper acceptance is 01 June 2024.

The fee for printing the paper is 60 euros in dinar counter value on the day of payment. Registration fee for the second author is 40 euros in dinar counter value on the day of payment. The fee for doctoral students is 30 euros in RSD equivalent on the day of payment. The amount of the fee is VAT included.

The participation fee should be paid, after you have been informed about the acceptance of your paper, on the account of the Faculty of Economics:
- for payments in RSD account number: 840-1683666-17 or
- for payments in EUR by the following instructions.

The participation fee covers the conference proceedings, conference material, refreshments and lunch after the Conference.

The participation fee payment and two positive reviews are prerequisites for the publication of the papers.

The official languages are languages of the former Yugoslav republics and English.

1. Dr Vladislav Marjanović, Faculty of Economics Niš, president
2. Dr Tadija Đukić, dean, Faculty of Economics Niš
3. Dr Aleksandra Anđelković, Faculty of Economics Niš
4. Dr Nataša Golubović, Faculty of Economics Niš
5. Dr Gorica Boššković, Faculty of Economics Niš
6. Dr Ognjen Radović, Faculty of Economics Niš
7. Dr Petar Veselinović, Faculty of Economics Kragujevac
8. Dr Danica Šantić, Geografski fakultet, Beograd
9. Dr Edvard Jakopin, University „Union – Nikola Tesla“ Belgrade
10. Dr Aura Reggiani, University of Bologna, Italy
11. Dr John Östh, Oslo Metropolitan University, Norway
12. Dr Claudia Hedwig Yamu, Oslo Metropolitan University, Norway
13. Dr Peter Nijkamp, Vrije Universiteit Amsterdam, Netherlands
14. Dr Karima Kourtit, Vrije Universiteit Amsterdam, Netherlands
15. Dr Alessandro Lue, Poliedra, Politecnico di Milano, Italy
16. Dr Marijana Božinova, rector, D. A. Tsenov Academy of Economics, Svishtov, Bulgaria
17. Dr Mijat Jocović, dean, Faculty of Economics Podgorica, Montenegro
18. Dr Marko Đogo, dean, Faculty of Economics East Sarajevo, Republic of Srpska
19. Dr Milenko Krajišnik, dean, Faculty of Economics Banja Luka, Republic of Srpska
20. Dr Vitomir Starčević, vice-dean, Faculty of Business Economics, Bijeljina, Republic of Srpska
21. Dr Sergej Gričar, dean, Faculty of Business and management, Novo Mesto, Slovenia
22. Dr Božidar Veljković, Alma Mater Europea Univerzitet Maribor, Slovenija
23. Dr Anton Vorina, Celje School of Economics, Vocational college, Slovenia
24. Dr Predrag Trpeski, dean, Faculty of Economics Skopje, North Macedonia

1. Dr Dragana Radenković Jocić, vice-dean, Faculty of Economics Niš, president
2. Dr Ivan Marković, vice-dean, Faculty of Economics Niš
3. Dr Biljana Đorđević, vice-dean, Faculty of Economics Niš
4. Dr Snežana Radukić, Faculty of Economics Niš
5. Dr Maja Ivanović Đukić, Faculty of Economics Niš
6. Dr Ivana Kostadinović, Faculty of Economics Niš
7. Ivana Marjanović, Faculty of Economics Niš
8. Ivana Ranđelović, Faculty of Economics Niš
9. Marina Stanojević, Faculty of Economics Niš
10. Aleksandar Manasijević, PhD student

Program of the Conference

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Program of the Conference

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